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Callum Jones

Callum Jones

Managing Partner

Call Sms

Callum started his real estate career as a property manager with L.J.Hooker here in Port Douglas March of 2001. From there his passion for real estate led to entering the highly competitive selling arena.

Port Douglas being a small town with a population of approx 3000 back in the day and at the time there were 50 active sales people - a staggering ratio of 1agent for every 60 people. It was imperative that you were very good at what you do or you would be changing jobs.

Callum not only survived but thrived in the challenge and went from strength to strength qualifying three years in a row for the prestigious 'Captains Club'.

July 2009 saw another exciting chapter start with the opening of Tony McGrath Real Estate or more commonly known locally as the 'Pink Company'. Callum joined Tony as a 50% partner in the new business - which launched in one of the most difficult years ever in real estate not only locally but nationally and world-wide. Now firmly established the business has been highly successful. Between Callum and Tony there is a staggering 40+ years experience and counting in the local market. This firmly cements them as specialists in sales of residential and commercial properties and commercial leasing.


Sale of Hai Villa

Tom & Patricia Brown

We have just received confirmation settlement has finalised. As always we are most appreciative of your efforts and work to reach this conclusion. If you can find the time we would be delighted to offer you a celebratory drink or two....

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Lenny Gow - 9 Trochus Close, Port Douglas

Lenny Gow

Thanks Callum for selling my house, you are very professional and found you very easy and amicable to deal with. Once again thank you, I would highly recommend to others.Regards Lenny Gow  ...

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Greg McLean - Managing Editor Port Douglas & Mossman Gazette

Greg McLean

The Think Pink team are very innovative in their approach which is refreshing both as a vendor who has a property with them and as the managing editor of the Port Douglas and Mossman Gazette newspaper which is constantly looking for new ways to market real estate in conjunction...

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Jo and Brendan Moffat - Snapper Island Drive

Brendan and Jo Moffat

Even though we do not live in the local area Callum was responsive to our requests and conscientious of our needs. Callum was available to us to ensure that the purchase process ran smoothly. ...

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Lillian and John Nagan - Developers and Residents

Lillian and John Nagan

We have had many property dealings with Tony McGrath over the past 25 years and with Callum Jones during the past 15 years.  Both are extremely efficient real estate agents whom we would recommend to any prospective vendors or purchasers...

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Jemar Timajo - No.17 the lake

Jemar Timajo

Hi Callum, Thank you - A few pints are in order to celebrate next time and we guarantee that we will have the house in tip top shape as soon as we've moved in. Again thank you for all your help and we will keep in touch and see you...

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Renata Poole - Open2View Photography

Renata Poole

"The guys at the Pink Real Estate Company are extremely good at what they do, they have a professional approach and really understand real estate... They know how to present properties extremely well for sale and are involved in the direction of every photo shoot - very hands on and...

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Lynne Neale of Lynne Neale Real Estate

Lynne Neale

Thanks for your time and effort Callum, a pleasure to do business with you. You are a pleasure to work with, not like one I have just had the misfortune to deal with - or not. ...

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